Our Facilities

Our facilities include:-

At Bodrwnsiwn vet group we have worked hard to ensure that the practice has kept up with the many advances in diagnostics which have taken place over the last few years.

Whilst many of your pets’ problems will be resolved without needing further investigations, if they do prove more complicated, we are able to perform many diagnostic procedures straight away, in house. Our range of diagnostic tools include:

Digital X-Ray Machine - This produces instant, high quality images allowing us to investigate and diagnose bone and joint disorders and problems within the chest and abdomen. As the pictures are digital, they can easily be emailed between the branches, or even to specialist vets if needed. We have these units at three of our surgeries, Mona, Menai Bride and Bangor. We also have a portable x ray machine for x raying horses.

Ultrasound Scanning - we have a state of the art ultrasound machine which provides a non invasive method of looking at soft tissue structures (liver, spleen) and looking for tumours or foreign objects within your pet’s body. The scanner also has colour Doppler imaging and we can use this to look at, and investigate the function of your pet’s heart. Ultrasound is of course, also used to look for pregnancy (planned or otherwise!)

ECG - The ECG allows us to investigate the rate and rhythm of your pet’s heart. The trace can be emailed to a cardiologist if needed. We also use the ECG for monitoring pets’ hearts during anaesthetics.

Laboratory with in-house Blood Analyser for real time results. We can take blood samples at any of the branches and have them rapidly analysed at Mona. We can look at Haematology, Biochemistry, and diagnose thyroid and other endocrine diseases in house. We also carry out MICROSCOPY. We can examine samples such as blood, urine and skin scrapings under the microscope as an aid to diagnosis.

Endoscope the endoscope is a small camera which is used to look at your pet’s digestive or respiratory system.

Modern Dental Machines. We have new, modern dental machines, ensuring your pet’s teeth are as well cared for as your own. An air driven drill allows easier extraction of bad teeth. The remaining teeth will then be scaled and polished, leaving a clean, healthy mouth. A nurse will be happy to show you how to clean your pet’s teeth at home, to keep them in the best condition possible.

Pulse oximeter - This is used as an aid to monitoring anaesthetics. It tells us your pet’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

Resp Alert - This is an aid to monitoring, which checks your pet’s breathing whilst it is under general anaesthetic.

Our absolute aim is that the anesthetic should be as safe as possible for your pet. Whilst anaesthetised, your pet will be continuously monitored by a vet or one of our nursing staff. All pets receive pain relief for the immediate post surgical period and for longer if required. Pets usually go home on the same day.

  • Our diagnostic facilities include:
  • Fully equip operation theatres
  • Gas anaesthetic systems
  • Isoflurane and Propofol anaesthetics routinely used
  • Orthopaedic equipment
  • Anaesthetic monitoring equipment

Most surgical cases and investigations are treated as “Day Patients” so that they can return home the same day, although we have full hospitalisation facilities for all the species we treat to stay overnight to keep them warm, comfortable and safe. All of our patients are monitored throughout their surgery by the vet and also a member of our nursing staff, who will continue to monitor your pet until discharge.